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Teignbridge Council notices relevant to Hennock and Teign Villages


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This past month has been eventful at Teignbridge as we move ever closer to physically starting the regeneration of Newton Abbot. As many will recall; Teignbridge District Council invested a substantial sum of money to acquire the shopping area known as Market Walk in Newton Abbot. There were many reasons for this: ranging from best use of money we had invested and getting a much higher return, to the advantage of taking control of a vital part of the town, which in private ownership, had been starved of investment, culminating in a slow deterioration cosmetically of buildings in the very centre of the town.
Since acquiring the properties, we have also taken back the lease of the old post office, which had been left empty by the previous leaseholders for a number of years; again, this has been key to allow us to redesign the area.
The first phase is as a result of careful consultation with a company who advise us on all aspects of what is best practice for the use of shopping centre buildings, as well as the wider regeneration of Newton Abbot. Working with a firm of architects and designers, we have finally produced a set of plans which have been on display in Market Square to allow residents and visitors to share our vision. This same information has been shared by District Councillors as well as town councillors and found favour with the majority. Work will commence in the Spring of 2018 and is likely to be completed by October 2018.
This regeneration and ongoing investment of Teignbridge’s major town is essential to inject vibrancy and to establish the town as a ‘go to shopping destination’, this will help revitalise the local economy, which in turn, will trickle outwards to benefit the wider community of Teignbridge.
Broadband is always a subject that in turn delights and frustrates many. Connect Devon and Somerset (CDS) is the vehicle by which the government enables us to invest to ensure as wide as possible number of households and businesses  enjoy superfast connections. Phase one was delivered by BT and they reached the targets set in March of this year. Phase two has been awarded to a company called Gigaclear, with another company Airband, tasked with delivering the hard to reach areas, such as Dartmoor and Exmoor. Teignbridge officers are due to meet with the head of the team whose job it is to deliver Superfast broadband in Devon  in early October, to advise on how they will ensure that Teignbridge benefits from the governments huge investment of £62.5 million for Devon and Somerset.
Continuing in the theme of broadband, I attended a presentation by a company who hope to persuade Teignbridge to allow them to bring free Wi Fi initially to Newton Abbot, Dawlish and Teignmouth, but then to roll it out to the smaller towns including Chudleigh in time. The Economy and Asset team, of which I am the Portfolio Holder, are currently assessing this exciting idea. At the moment, we are finding it hard to identify any downsides to the proposal, but only after due diligence will we make a decision. We are fortunate to have access to other councils and Local Authorities who have already embraced the idea, so it is a case of conferring with them to ensure the best deal. I might add that there will be no cost to us as a Local Authority.
Closer to home, the Local Dental Practice, which as many who are on their waiting list will know, is under pressure for space, and they are currently trying to identify land where they can build a new surgery. Teignbridge and Chudleigh town council are involved, as we obviously want the practice to be able to expand and continue to provide their very necessary service. Ideally the new building would be central to the town, providing the convenience of parking and bringing residents into the town centre, where they will also be able to make use of the shops.
Businesses in Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton, Teign Village and Hennock, are through Dartmoor LEAF, able to access grants of up to 40% if they qualify. If any business is interested, then we have officers in the Economy and Assets team at Teignbridge who can assist.
As always, if I can be of help, I can be contacted on 07869066055 or doug.hellierlaing@teignbridge.gov.uk