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Teignbridge Council notices relevant to Hennock and Teign Villages


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I am pleased to start my report with the very welcome news that Chudleigh School has had an excellent result from Ofsted. Congratulations to David Barnett Head Teacher and all his team.
In my September report I made mention of Air Quality in relation to children being deposited and collected from school and how we at Teignbridge were trying to raise awareness of how this could impact on the health of our children.
Teignbridge have presented to District Councillors the Air Quality Management Report.
There is no doubt that the quality of the air is greatly impaired in certain situations and areas. Not wishing to labour the point, but wanting parents to consider the implications of the effects of slow moving and/or stationary vehicles with their engines running, which then deliver a noxious mix of emissions at the height of children breathing in, and the ultimate effect of those emissions on children’s brains and lungs, should be enough to cause those that deliver or collect their children to think twice.
Many will have seen the recent media announcements about Teignbridge and Exeter’s collaboration on homelessness. TDC has an excellent record on being proactive in helping those who are unfortunate to find themselves in this position. We have specialised accommodation at Albany House in Newton Abbot to act as temporary accommodation whilst the team work to resolve people’s problems. We are in the process of identifying another building: ideally in Teignmouth or Dawlish, to replicate this success. We also have a team who concentrate on the needs of younger people and this proved to be useful recently in Chudleigh, when it was found that a young couple had taken to camping on one of our public spaces. I am pleased to say that after a short conversation that I had with the lead officer, the matter was taken in hand and resolved.
It is worth noting that we do have rough sleepers and some are resistant to being accommodated, preferring to sleep outside. We continue to work with these individuals and offer them assistance, including the opportunity to take temporary accommodation when the weather is severe, without pressure on them to conform to what most of us consider normal.
Not a subject that immediately springs to mind in Chudleigh, or even the wider community of Teignbridge, or Devon for that matter. That’s what I thought, when the subject was raised at TDC when there was a call for a volunteer to attend training on the subject. I volunteered to attend the training, which is held at several venues in the UK: I attended the one held in Leeds, with a follow up course on PREVENT, the government’s programme to help identify and prevent radicalisation of vulnerable individuals. This will be held in early November 2017. We are very fortunate to have two officers at Teignbridge who are very capable and work closely with the Police and security services to help identify and resolve any issues around the subject.
Most will now be aware that Linden Homes have purchased the land around this area and propose to develop up to 230 homes. Linden Homes have recently placed signage on Station Hill to advertise the proposed development and have also submitted a number of proposed changes in the last few days. The proposed changes, so late in the day, will cause some concerns with the planning department, as it takes time for the officers to consider the changes and to have them agreed, or otherwise, within the time frame that all applications have to be determined in. We will be discussing this with them and trying to agree a time extension, which would mean that it will not come to the planning committee in November.
Amongst those proposed changes, are the direction of travel on Oldway following a discussion town councillors had with the Highways officer and planning officer recently.
After the problems encountered a couple of years ago, when the Leat at the top of the cricket field burst its banks and flooded the sports fields, as well as scouring the banks to the rear of some properties in Millstream Meadow. I have been working with the TDC watercourses officer, as well as some of the residents. We have had some success with regards to the scouring of the banks, but it is taking time to resolve the likely cause, which may be in part, the sheer volume of water coming into the Leat, which it was never designed for. The officer has identified other naturally occurring sources of water which have also been channelled into the Leat, as a consequence of their original courses being cut off when the A38 was built. Following discussions with Highways England, it has been agreed in principle, that in conjunction with proposed monies from developments in the pipeline, that measures will be taken to mitigate the problem. It is too early to say what these measures will be, or when they will take place, but we at least know that they are being considered.
I can be contacted on: doug.hellierlaing@teignbridge.gov.uk or 01626 854892 or 07869066055 should anyone require help or further information.