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Teignbridge Council notices relevant to Hennock and Teign Villages


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Following on from the extended purdah imposed during the election, the past few weeks has been hectic catching up on meetings that were put on hold.
BROADBAND. As a board member I have attended four meetings, two at County Hall Taunton, and two the next day at County Hall Exeter. We have officially awarded the Phase two contract to install fibre high speed broadband to Gigaclear, and for Dartmoor and Exmoor, to Airband. The advantage of Gigaclear is their intention to be completely fibre, and if the main cable passes a house, the ability to connect in without having to go via a shared cabinet. Anyone who would like to see if Gigaclear are going to be in their area, then they can go online to the company’s website and look at their address. Gigaclear have advised us that the website will be updated to show their most recent activity allowing everyone to be clear as to where they are, and when they anticipate being in a given area.
SOUTH WEST AMBULANCE SERVICE FOUNDATION TRUST. (SWASFT) Very topical for all the wrong reasons. I sit on the Recruitment & Remuneration committee which is part of the Board of Governors. In this role, I have been involved in selecting a new Chair, Tony Fox who replaces Heather Smallbridge, who stood down following six years at the helm. We have also strengthened the Non-Executive team with four outstanding candidates which will further strengthen management. There are two main areas of concern: one centres around time to attend a call, due to a system that can change the priority of the ambulance even as it travels to the scene, and the second, is the difficulty in retaining paramedics, who are so highly sought after, that they are often poached by GP’S and A&E departments. I am happy to give further clarification if needed by phone or e mail.
SOUTH WEST COUNCILS:  along with one of my colleagues I represent Teignbridge within this group that covers all councils from Bristol to Bournemouth and down to Truro. At the most recent meeting, John Hart was re-elected unopposed as the Chair, and I was reappointed as the Local Authority representative to SWASFT, also unopposed. This particular meeting concentrated on the forthcoming pay round for public sector workers and we had officers from the Local Government team present the proposals and to explain why they have come up with the particular formulae.
EXETER HEART OF DEVON (EHOD) is a group of Economic Officers and Portfolio Holders (Politicians) from Teignbridge, Exeter, Mid and East Devon, who work collaboratively to serve the best interests of the wider area. Our priority is to increase productivity and jobs, as well as help create the right opportunities for companies to move to the area. This group complemented a recent meeting of Chief Executives and Leaders, also held to look at the same remit for the whole of Devon and Somerset. Much of this latter meeting was about presenting our case to Government, to ensure adequate funding to allow us to continue creating the correct infrastructure, such as roads and energy supplies, to enable us to open up employment land, which in turn enables us to attract world class companies in such areas as Nuclear, Marine and Aerospace. Companies such as these, have a more attractive employee pay structure which helps to move the South West away from a low wage economy. Employment is at an all-time high exceeding 74% but we need to continue to look at ways to raise the mean pay levels and the only way for us to do that, is to concentrate on productivity so that we are on par with countries like Germany.
My final comments, are about the importance of well-being; if people are content with their lives, they are more productive and part of that equation, is good housing, Teignbridge is particularly successful in exceeding all targets set by Government on housebuilding, which in turn, enables us to produce more social housing in its many forms.
If I can be of help on any matter please contact me either by phone 07869066055 or 01626 854892 or e mail doug.hellierlaing@teignbridge.gov.uk