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Wonnacott Wonderings

by Susan Wonnacott.

20 May 2014

'Phone Scams'

Are you like me often answering the phone to unwanted calls? I heard some wonderful excuses that people make or ways that people deal with these calls on Radio Devon a few months back. They varied from just putting the phone down to saying there was someone at the door and just resting the phone on the side and getting on with your day leaving the caller wondering what has happened. The best way is just to tell the truth and say not interested thank you and put the phone down. I know about the telephone preference service and belong to it but it does not stop foreign calls or calls from a business you may have dealt with in the past from contacting you. For those of you who do not belong to telephone preference service I strongly advise it - it is a free service and details are in the front section of your telephone book.
There are telephone scams as well which usually get you to phone another number or press 9 or some other number often resulting in a premium number call. Never send cash to anyone - that goes without saying, I hope. Some of these calls are very plausible -one man telling me there was a fault with my computer and if I logged on he would give me an ID number. Well why would Microsoft Windows or whoever phone me in this day of technology surely if it was to do with my computer they would email. Even that is not safe. There are email scams too. I don't really understand these people that email viruses. What do they stand to gain from messing up someone's computer.
Rely on letters? We have all had the letters that promise we have won thousands on some draw we have never even entered. Just send £XXX and we will release your money. Just put them in the bin. Never answer chain letters either.
The last phone call told me it was from someone or other company refund and I would get a refund on a loan from a bank I have never dealt with in my life. I have never even been into one of their branches so its very good of them to give me a refund.
Well if any of you reading this wish to send me money, give me prizes etc Thanks very much but actually there's someone at the door- probably the postman with my latest draw prize of millions of pounds. He doesn't seem to realise I belong to the postal preference service as well.
That gives me another idea for a wondering about people in shorts - postman and tourists - I will write again soon.

8th July 2013


Mobile phones are a great invention no doubt about it. However, I was brought up in an era where phone calls were private things. When I am sat on a bus or having a coffee with friends or even walking along the street I do not want to hear about someone else's night out or what they are doing. Being naturally curious, as are all of us, if truth be told. We listen to what is being said in these one sided conversations. Some odd and funny tales we hear. How embarrassing when someone in the street says Hello and you reply to find that they are having a handsfree conversation with someone else.
The younger generation are in all probability laughing at this old fashioned view. They are after all constantly on their phones either texting or calling someone or with the advent of smart phones looking at the internet via their phone.
I will be sad if our red phone box is taken away. Many communities have lost theirs. It is part of our village. It is very rarely used these days, though. (It is Grade 2 listed by English Heritage so they can't take it away see K6 Telephone Kiosk in Hennock Listed Structures. Ed.)
The mobile phone and most of us own one, even if it is just for emercencies, is a geat way of communicating. It is the people using them that need to think a little when having these public conversations. Also please think about where you are using them as there are places like hospitals and petrol stations where they should not be used. Definitely not whilst driving. I met someone recently in a narrow road on her phone driving along so I simply refused to reverse so she had to put the phone down and reverse the five yards for me to pass. It is against the law to drive and be on your mobile. It is a dangerous practice. As I started this article so I will finish, the mobile phone is a marvellous invention. Susan

30th January 2013


Gossip overheard in the village "Hennock's on the interwebnet thingy".
Of course the youngsters all have computers now and even some of the not so young have conquered them, but it is a worry about these viruses you can get although you can now get tablets and notebooks.
Tablets I understand but why you have to make notes about it I don't know.
I thought the idea of a computer was to make things paperless. We were going to be a paperless society with the invention of the computer but it is not so, everyone just prints things off.
As for laptops the only laptop I have is a thing with beads in it and a tray on the top to balance on my own lap whilst I eat my tea.
I hear tell of Wi-Fi They tell me it means wireless free, but the wireless has always been free. Well you have to pay a license, but the programmes are free.
The Home programme and the Light programme and Radio Luxembourg for the young. That's all changed now it's all Radio 1,2,3,4 or 5 Everything is numbered instead of named. Well if they can't be bothered to name it then I can't be bothered to listen to it.
Good old Radio Devon a named station that talks my language well at least Tony Beard does on a Sunday (if you read this Tone then you can buy me a drink in the Palk for mentioning your show). This programme is usually on at The Palk Arms on a sunday lunchtime where there is WI FI but no password! Good Free Roasties though.
If you are reading this you have done very well on your computer because you have logged on gone past your wallpaper to your home page and found this site and navigated your way here all with the help of a mouse most probably. Intelligent little critturs aren't they? So the interwebnet thingy is nothing to do with spiders, has lots of jargon and may be run by rodents. You can even get interwebnet things on mobile phones but don't start me on them things maybe that will be my next wondering.
Apparently you can like things on the interwebnet thing so I hope you like this nonsense and don't take any of it too seriously!
Until next time take care!


Great News! Only this week whilst in the Palk Arms, partaking of some liquid refreshment, I overheard part of a conversation. It would appear that Sue and Kevin could be of great help in our Hennock bid for the Olympics. A customer was talking to Kevin about their pool and apparently there was a cue for the pool. My ears pricked up. I did not even know that there was a swimming pool in the pub and as for a queue -1 didn't know it was that well known. Perhaps it is a small pool. There is bound of be some sort of ECC/ Brussels' rule on how many can fit into a swimming pool without it being a fire risk isn't there? No doubt we simple country folk are just trying to comply - now if only we were French.
There were quite a few in the bar as it was Sunday lunchtime. Roger was giving his comments on village life. Jan was with crossword, as is usual, giving us the clues that she had not been able to answer whilst swigging on her usual cup of tea. That is no joke by the way. The Palk Arms do lovely coffee and tea by request. Lynn having usually done the same crossword is a great help in filling the missing answers. It usually gets completed. Must be the pub quiz every other week on Fridays helping us here. The dogs were playing - Layla (my dog) and Sam(pub dog) trying to see who could get more attention. Kevin was doing his puzzle of Olympic difficulty. Then my
meal of an all-day-breakfast appeared along with a hot beef baguette for my husband. Somehow I forgot all about my Olympic Challenge to find a pool. This needs further research and I shall have to go to the Palk Arms again to find out more. Such hardship and tasks I set myself.
I can hear some of you say this is not right for the church magazine, all this mention of the pub. Well, to those of you, I say this, that the pub is a good meeting place for people and it's fun and relaxing. The same people would complain there was nowhere to go and nothing to do if the pub closed. It is part of our village life. Lots of villages have a pub and a church almost side by side and I for one do not think this is just coincidence. Both have a responsibility to be at the heart of village life. Hennock is lucky to have both and a school and a village hall. If we do not support all aspects of our community our community will fail. Support things whilst you still can- whilst we still have them.
Meanwhile I urge you to keep training hard to meet the standards for our Olympic Committee. Who was the wit who put Win's name forward for the high jump and basketball team? Don't worry Win! Being under five foot can be an advantage! Oh, I get it. We are back in the pub again aren't we? Gone full circle - well circular training is good!


My husband, Ray and I had arranged to meet some friends at our local pub. We had just settled beside a roaring log fire and Kevin the landlord decided to fetch more logs from outside the front door. Upon his return he mentioned that he had seen flashes of light across the church tower as if someone was in the churchyard with a torch. A bit odd, we all thought, for someone to be there in the dark.
Now, as it happened, as I had put on my coat to go out that evening I had found a letter in my pocket- mind you I don't know how long it had been stuffed in there. It was a letter from the vicar about thieves having taken lead from a church roof in the area asking us all to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour by calling the police or himself. I had probably picked it up from the church at some time and put it in my pocket and forgotten all about it. Coincidence or something more meaningful!
Ray and Kevin very bravely went up to the church to make sure everything was okay. They came back and said that they could see nothing. Roger came into the pub and sat at the bar, and conversation moved on. A police car came along and turned around in the 'square' outside the pub. Seizing the oppportunity I ran outside and asked the boys in blue, well one boy,one girl, if they would mind checking around the graveyard having explained about the light etc. They asked a few questions about whether or not the church was locked and who the key holder was and they said that they were happy to check it out and off they went up to the church.
I returned to the warmth of the pub to Roger's great amusement. It was then that
the truth came out. Roger lives in Bell Lane parallel to the church and before he came to the pub he had let his dog out into the back garden. So that he could see - yes you've guessed it- he used a torch. The light had obviously caught the church tower where Kevin had seen it. By the time all this was explained and laughed about the police were going back down the road having found nothing suspicious.
We had inadvertantly wasted police time but with good intent.

Oct 1998


Volunteers are wanted to help clean out the reservoirs. Many people go fishing at Hennock Reservoir. They catch fish and this helps keep down the fish population and therefore stops the fish polluting our drinking water. What pollution? I hear you cry. Well of course there is none -the water doesn't taste fishy does it?! But would it do so if people didn't catch the fish? Would it mean there would be a fish population explosion? Would they take
over our waters? Nonsense? Well the fish are allowed to swim there but you and I are forbidden to swim in the reservoirs, what lurks at the bottom of the water? Everyone knows that at the bottom of the sea there are sponges amongst other things. Now if there are sponges growing at the bottom of the reservoirs it is no wonder there are always cries of drought from the authorities. The reservoir levels are bound to drop if there are sponges at the bottom soaking up all the water. Volunteers are needed to come and gather the sponges and squeeze the water out. This will ensure that there is enough extra water for the holiday makers to use when they visit us. We won't have to use standpipes or be banned from using our hose pipes, if we can squeeze enough water out of the sponges.
You can volunteer to be a water inspector at work parties and pass your own water. Volunteer your services as a fisherman or as a sponge collector.
After all you can take your fish home and have it for tea followed by sponge pudding.

Nov 1996


A friend of mine recently asked if my husband could renovate her bicycle. The bicycle was promptly left with me and my husband gave me an extensive list of parts that the bike would need. New tyres, new wheel, new mudguard, new gear wheels, clips, tape etc. We phoned the owner and informed her that it needed an awful lot of new bits. She knew it would, but was sentimentally attached to 'that' bike. She didn't want a new bike, it was 'that' bike that she wanted!
It reminded me of the old joke about the axe that had been in the family for generations and in all that time had needed only four new handles and three new axe heads - the same axe.
This lady wanted the same bike and I must admit it wasn't quite as bad as the axe. If the bike had been regularly serviced I probably would not have thought anything about it receiving so many parts over a period of fifteen years or so. The bike was duly repaired and the owner was absolutely delighted to receive 'that' bike back.
Perhaps this could be used as a parable on life. Those people who have been brought up in a Christian environment are like bikes that are regularly services and are often not thought about as anything unusual. Those who find faith suddenly are like the bike that suddenly needed a lot of new parts. Whichever category you fall into, it-does not matter as long as the 'bike' works well in the end and your owner is I am sure delighted to have you in His possession.