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300° view of Hennock from
the top of the Church Tower

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The Garden Club

An active group that meets in the Village Hall
by Susan Wonnacott


I started the Hennock and Teign Village Garden Club on 30th November 1998.
It was started as a result of the Village Appraisal in which a high percentage of people had said that a garden club was needed by the village.
The Garden club holds its meetings every other month, on the last Tuesday of the month, unless this clashes with another local event.
We very occasionally have outings to visit gardens.
Our aim is to be non profit making and we use money raised to pay for the rental of the village hall for our meetings and to put troughs of flowers and hanging baskets up in parts of the village such as at Five Lanes, Road Park and the bus shelter.
Members water these and look after them in the summer months. Mr and Mrs Beer look after plants at Teign Village .
We have been supported by the Parish Council in this venture of trying to make the village a prettier place for our community.
Generally in the summer we have a Barbecue meeting which we hold in a members garden.
The November meeting is usually a Christmas Party held at our village hall, both of these are held on a bring and share basis.
Sometimes we have a speaker e.g. this year we had Paul Rendell, as a guest speaker who gave an illustrated talk on Wildlife in the Garden.
We also meet to swap plants and seeds.
Some of our members are excellent gardeners and others beginners.
Advice can always be sought freely from other members about gardening matters.
As with other village clubs our meetings have a strong social occasion.
We have a very modest membership fee (annually £5) which then entitles you to attend all our meetings for free.
Guests can attend any meeting for a small sum (at present £1.25). Coffee and biscuits are usually available after meetings.
In 2011 we organised a Garden and Craft Exhibition held in the Church and Village hall with scarecrows.
We were then able to fund an outing for our members in a small coach to visit The Garden House at a reduced cost in 2012.
The Jubilee year saw many events in the village and a Flower Festival was held in the Church so maybe we will be able to put on another event in the future with the support of the Church and Village Hall.


Garden Club members on an
outing to Garden House
© S Wonnacott

Bus Shelter
Flowers at the Bus Shelter
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Garden Club News

The meeting in March was a very good talk by Mr Adam King who was most knowledgeable about trees. He kindly donated his fee back to us asking that we donate something to charity or the school. His wife teaches at the local school and we thought this most appropriate. As a garden club we preferred to give the school plants. So a big thank you to Mr King for the troughs and tubs of flowers outside the school- do go along and see them.
The May meeting was held in the village hall where we planted up baskets for the village. However we had a disaster with our plug plants this year. Mrs Beer reported that there were very few plants that had taken. We had used our usual supplier. Mr and Mrs Beer had kindly offered to bring the plants on in their greenhouse as usual so they opted to buy plants at a local nursery to replace the ones that had not taken. We were lucky though as Mrs Rippon reported the troughs from last year still had begonias that had overwintered. So these were re-potted by her. The results can be viewed in the village at the usual places. Thank you to Mr Rowe who has placed an additional trough at the war memorial. Due to a misunderstanding I thought he was not going to place one there this year and the club put one at the memorial - so there are now two. As it is a special year with the 100 year anniversary it is fitting to have more flowers there, so all's well that ends well.