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300° view of Hennock from
the top of the Church Tower

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Marriages at St Mary's, Hennock

1837 to 1930

This is a transcript of those records that have not been deposited in the Devon Archive and are still held by the Church, this information is therefore not available from the Devon Archive.

These marriages are now in a book of recent Parish Record transcriptions held in the Church.

More recent marriages can only be added in compliance with the Data Protection Act. (100 years from birth for living people).
The marriage register does not regularly record if by Banns or Licence until Number 59 in 28 Oct 1847.

Due to space constraints the on line the list does not contain any lengthy notes occasionally found in the Marriage Register.
Names or people and places are as close as possible to the spelling in the Church Record.
Some hand writing and some witness signatures are impossible to read in this case I give a best guess indicated by * or ?.
The Index is in Surname order, select the appropriate letter below to see the list of surnames starting with that letter.
No. = the marriage number in the original Marriage Book.
Wts = Witnesses.
Marriage from 1541 to 1837 are available on Find My Past.
There are no plans to transcribe earlier marriage records for this site.


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