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300° view of Hennock from
the top of the Church Tower

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Burials at St Mary's, Hennock

1880 to 1964

As a part of our Church Yard mapping project we hope to provide a transcription of all burials back as far as practicable and map them onto the plan of the Church Yard. This is likely to only cover the period back to the 18th century as there do not seem to be any headstones dating from earlier times and many of those dating from the 19th Century are now sadly illegible.
There is now a book of Parish Record transcriptions held in the Church. The book contains any additional notes found in the Parish Records and the burials from 1965 to date.
A grave plot record was maintaind for the New Yard from 1939 when it was first used to the 1960s when the practice was discontinued. Known locations are contained in the Index below.
Following examination of burial records pre 1939 it has been noted that no record of burial plots has ever been kept.
Therefore there are no plans to add burial records from before 1880 to this site.
As time permits a grave index for the Old Yard may be added at a later date along with an expanded one for the New Yard to cover the period from the 1960s to date.
Burials from 1541 to 1880 are available on Find My Past.
The Old Yard is the area surrounding the Church, The New Yard is the extension west of the Old Yard.
Names of people and places are as close as possible to the spelling in the Church Record.

How to find a grave:
  1. In the Surname Index below select (click on) the letter that corresponds with the starting letter of the Surname of the person who was buried.
  2. This will give you a list of people whose surname begins with that letter and whose names have been recorded in the Church Burials Book (within the date ranges currently transcribed).
  3. Find your person in the list. If the name you are looking for is not in the list, the person was either not buried within the period currently transcribed or the person was not buried at St. Mary's, Hennock or for a small number of recent internments of cremated remains their name was not recorded in the Burials Book as it was not technically a Burial.
  4. Look across the line to the Grid column on the right. If no Grid is shown we have not yet found its location. This will either be because the survey of existing graves is at present incomplete or the headstone has been removed or is unreadable and so will likely never be found, unfortunately this will be the case for many older Burials in the Old Yard.
  5. Look up the Grid on the Church Yard plan as follows. The first part of the Grid is a letter, find this on the bottom row of the plan, then on the left of the plan look upwards for the number that corresponds to the second part of the Grid, the square that is at the intersection of the letter column and the numbered row is where the Grave should be found.
  6. Proceed to that location in the Church Yard and the grave you are looking for will be one of between 4 to 6 graves.
Surname Index of people buried/interred in the Church Yard